Marketing Your Product on Twitter

Are you having a terrible time trying to market your product on Twitter? Are you struggling like heck to generate sales through the platform?

Come in closer. I have a secret to share with you: successfully selling anything on Twitter requires you to do serious legwork along the way. You need to set the table to eat properly. Or, you need to establish your Twitter feed as a go-to resource to effectively sell any product or service on the platform.

Why do so few tweeters generate significant product sales on Twitter? Most users try to get before they give. Most users see the platform as a promoting medium versus using Twitter as a helping tool.

Your followers want free, valuable content to solve their problems. Twitter is a connecting tool that links tweeters with solutions. Stop trying to shove your product down your follower’s throats. I have tried this approach. It doesn’t work well at all.

My Qualifications

I have built a 44,200 person following on Twitter. A high ratio of followers are engaged as I generate not only 50 to 100 plus retweets daily but I also see a steady supply of @reply tweets from my followers.

I ask questions, share answers and build bonds which lead to sales either through Twitter or through some other platform. The key to your selling success lies in engagement.

The more you chat without any specific sales agenda in mind the more fans and loyal followers you will attract through this social media sites. Fans and loyal followers freely promote you and endorse you to increase your product sales quickly.

1: Engage to Gain Trust

Engage your followers to gain their trust. If followers trust you they tend to buy into whatever you offer. Marketing your product on Twitter is more about connecting than promoting.

Market less. Connect more. Engaging by thanking your retweeters, by asking questions and by sharing answers inspires your fellow tweeters to know, like and trust you. Grow your trust factor to boost your product sales.

2: Text Only Tweets Stoke Buying Fire

Tweet text only updates to stoke your follower’s buying fire. Promoting your product aggressively turns off tweeters. Nobody likes a shill. Nobody trusts a shill.

Share value by tweeting helpful tidbits about your niche to address people’s pain points. Solve problems by sharing short, punchy tweets without links.

Sending text tweets is like sprinkling breadcrumbs to draw in a bird. Whet your followers’ collective appetite. When you do post links your readers are more likely to click the link because of the value you persistently tweeted.

3: Your Followers Sell Your Product; Treat them Well

Treat your followers well to attract a loyal army of brand advocates. You can only sell your product through your effort. Your following can sell your product through their collective effort, leveraging your presence quickly.

Imagine how swiftly 10, 50, 100 or 1,000 tweeters can boost your sales by promoting your blog to their followings?Engage your followers, offer them free giveaways through your blog and give your most frequent retweeters most of your attention to create a band of rabid fans who promotes you freely.

Your most loyal followers will boost your sales far more quickly than you can.

4: Pin it to Prosper

Pin your product page to your Twitter profile page. New followers often visit your profile page to see if you have anything worthy to retweet. A fair number of these tweeters will both retweet and like your pinned product tweet.

Give your valued product the platform it deserves. Tweet your product page and pin it to boost your sales.

5: Retweet Industry Influencers Regularly

In the Twitter world, you get what you give. Retweet industry influencers to get more love from these heavies. Watch retweets, endorsements and other forms of sweetness flow your way by building friendships with top tweeters from your niche.

Receiving backing from a trusted source encourages your followers to trust you. Tweeters with large, engaged followings can expand your presence in a split second with a sweet RT or strong endorsement. Retweet successful entrepreneurs from your niche throughout the day.

Be generous. Establish friendships with top tweeters to boost your product sales.

6: Easy on Promotion

Promote your product sparingly on Twitter. People do not want to be sold to; they’d much rather receive free, helpful information from your tweets to gradually trust you.

If you try to get before giving you will not make any sales through Twitter. But if you give generously of your time and talents to solve your follower’s problems you will steadily increase product sales on the platform.

Do not tweet your product page more than every 2-3 days on the platform. Do not tweet at your audience. Tweet for your followers. Publish helpful, targeted tweets to draw in an increasing number of targeted followers.

Establish your expertise by offering free content. Your premium offering will be more attractive if you focus mainly on helping, not trying to get.

7: Tweet on Topic

Tweet on a topic to establish your authority. By publishing 7 out of 10 tweets related to your niche you will be seen as an expert in your industry. Experts generate steady sales on Twitter because followers see them as a go-to guy or gal in their niche.

8: DM to Build Bonds

Most Twitter users ignore this most powerful connecting medium. Amid automated, spammy direct messages you will find more tweeters who connect with their followers through authentic, personalized messages.

DM new followers with a “thank you” message. Address your new follower by name. Personalize the interaction to stand out from the crowd. Add a link to your blog home page.

Being polite, authentic and thoughtful, and leading with value sets the foundation for a meaningful relationship. Increase the number of these strong, genuine bonds to boost your product sales. Never use your DM to sell. DM to meet, greet, help and serve.

The selling will take care of itself if you take care of your followers.

9: Let Go Obsession with Follower Counts

Focus your energies on enjoying the process of sharing helpful tweets and forming strong friendships with influential tweeters. The quality of your tweets combined with the quality of your Twitter friendships dictates your product sale performance. Let go obsession with follower counts because numbers on a screen do not buy your product. People buy your product.

If you treat these people well by promoting them, by solving their problems and by persistently building bonds with tweeters the number of targeted, interested folks who follow you will increase. These individuals will be more likely to buy your products over time.

Don’t focus on gaining more followers. Concentrate of offering greater service through your tweets to detach largely from outcomes and to generate more sales.

10: Like Your Way into their Hearts

Like relevant, helpful updates to build bonds with your followers. These bonds expand your presence in your targeted niche, maximizing your chances at seeing increased product sales.

Give the attention and love you’d like your product to receive. If you like a tweet from your mainstream or from a niche specific list simply click on the “Like” button to support folks you’re following – as well as your followers – and generate good Twitter karma.

Like helpful tweets regularly to increase engagement, to grow your following and to form friendships with influential tweeters who can expand your Twitter reach far and wide. What tips can you share for promoting your product on Twitter?

Author – Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon to help you with your most painful blogging mistakes.