best crm for small business

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a set o strategies for managing a company’s relationships, interactions with and behavior of customers and prospects. When someone talks about CRM, they usually refer to a CRM system. CRM software is a tool that helps companies stay connected to customers and improve profitability by streamlining processes.

So, here is the list of 10 best CRM software for startups. Most of them are the best free CRM for startups as they come with a free trial. This list of customer relationship management software for small business will help you decide which one have the best CRM tools for small business.


best crm for small business

HubSpot CRM is the best CRM for as it comes for free, forever. That means you can enjoy up to 10,00,000 contacts, users, and storage without any expiration dates whether you are a single user or a team of 1,000 employees. This CRM helps you automate the tasks and close more deals with less data entry.

With the CRM software, you can sort deals won and lost, schedule appointments, and send contracts. Tracking performance is very easy with this suite as it comes with email and website tracking and automated lead capturing. You can also get 15 minutes of a free call with the free plan every month using your own phone number.

Pricing Plans: Free plan, Starter at $50/user/month, Professional at $80/user/month

Zoho CRM

best crm for small business

Zoho CRM is one of the best CRM software for small businesses as it comes free of cost with options to upgrade to paid plans for better features. The CRM suite comes with multichannel communication, sales forecasting, performance reports, automation and more. Using Zoho CRM, you can reach out to prospects at the right moment and engage them across every channel.

Zoho CRM software helps businesses of all sizes close more deals with the smarter way. You can chat with or call your AI-powered sales assistant Zia for any customer information from your CRM. You can capture leads and manage your brand’s social media interactions, make sales calls effective with single click dialing, prompt reminders and call analytics.

Pricing Plans: Standard ($12/user/month), Professional ($20/user/month), Enterprise ($35/user/month), Ultimate ($100/user/month)


best crm for small business

Salesforce is an exhaustive CRM solution for small businesses. The CRM software has impressive features like Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Lead Management and more. You can also forecast your sales, define workflow and approvals, share and synchronize files and managing partners.

With customers like InMobi, Urban Ladder, Vodafone and HCL, Salesforce is the innovative company behind this amazing CRM platform. You don’t need to buy infrastructure, setup or manage software, you can just log in and start enhancing your customer service. It is one of the best CRM for small business.

Pricing Plans: Lightning Essentials for $25/user/month, Lightning Professional for $75/user/month, Lightning Enterprise for $150/user/month, Lightning Unlimited for $300/user/month

NetHunt CRM

List of 10 Best CRM for Small Business and Startups 1

NetHunt is a CRM built inside Gmail & integrated with other G Suite apps. It blends with Gmail and places customer profiles, deals, and opportunities right next to your emails. NetHunt captures and shows all the client- or deal-related details next to the conversation in your inbox, thus making important information always available. Therefore, NetHunt is the best solution for businesses that live in the G Suite ecosystem and need a CRM integrated with it.

NetHunt is not just integrated with Gmail. It is literally built inside Gmail and blended with its UI. That’s why it comes completely natural and intuitive for Gmail users. Starting is easy – it takes minutes to move data to NetHunt. And users have a choice either to customize NetHunt to their workflow or start with one of the built-in set-ups. You can try out NetHunt CRM with a free 14-day trial.

Pricing Plans – NetHunt offers a Free plan that remains free forever and includes up to 2 users. At $24/user per month, Professional Plan adds email tracking capability, integration with other G Suite apps, and team management features not available in the Free plan. Enterprise plan is available at $48/user per month. It offers the same features as the Professional plan but includes unlimited bulk email campaigns, additional on-demand custom development, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, as well as team onboarding and education.

Maple CRM

best crm for small business

Maple CRM is a trusted customer relationship management software for startups and small businesses in India. They have more than 500 customers in India. A good reason to select this SMB CRM is that the solution comes with Automated Lead Assignment, Team Management, Automating Repetitive Tasks and Invoice Builder.

With customers like Philips, Maple CRM works as your quotation software, invoice software workflow management software, lead management software, task management software, AMC management software, and ticket management software. It also gives you a report on your staff’s performances.

Pricing Plans: Premium plan for Rs 300/user/month and Professional plan for Rs 500/user/month. You can get a free trial to test it out.


best crm for small business

SalezShark CRM can help startups grow their relationship with customers using the advanced features of this CRM software. It is packed with tools for sales automation, relationship intelligence, Outlook add-on, marketing automation and more.

You can track all business opportunities and close more deals by streamlining your sales cycle with modules like accurate forecasting based on opportunities. Creating and managing online campaigns is very easy with this CRM from a single platform. Also, discover the closed deals back to their original campaigns to measure the level of engagement with customers.

Pricing Plans: Basic plan for $20/user/month and Pro plan for $49/user/month. It also comes with a custom plan as per your needs.

Agile CRM

best crm for small business

Agile CRM software is one of the best customer relationship management software for small business. With exciting benefits like project management, telephony integration, lead scoring, marketing automation, email tracking, appointment scheduling, and mobile marketing, this CRM software suite is a must for startups.

With this software, you can automate your sales, marketing, and service in one platform and prevent data leaks. The software helps your message consistently and make the most of its modern features and integration, easy implementation and great support. And all of that at an affordable price.

Pricing Plans: Free plan for 10 users, Starter plan for $8.99/month, Regular for $29.99/month and Enterprise for $47.99/month.

Centra CRM

best crm for small business

If you are a growing startup and want to increase your business, streamline your sales process, drive transparency and automate your sales process, Centra CRM will help you with all your customer relationship management needs. This CRM software for SMBs helps you increase your overall customer satisfaction score and drive transparency within your departments.

The CRM software is GST ready and enables users to convert leads into revenue paying customers. With its features like sales lifecycle stages with estimations, quotation management, authorizations, calendars, and activity trackers, this CRM software is robust, easy to use and comprehensive.

Pricing Plans: It comes with flexible pricing plans depending on your requirement. Contact them for the price.

NextSky Sales

best crm for small business

NextSky Sales is one of the best CRM for small business. It is for high-speed sales teams that help you with tracking user behavior, lead scoring and optimizing sales operations. This CRM comes with essentials like contact management, sales management, deal management, lead tracking and alerts, invoice generation and quote generation.

With this CRM you can grow your company two folds by interacting with your customers as a real human being. You can manage your contacts effectively and close more deals and get complete details about your customers and their behavior. You can quickly create quotes, invoices and purchase orders for your customers and make better decisions.

Pricing Plans: It comes with flexible pricing plans depending on your requirement. Contact them for the price.

Cratio CRM

best crm for small business

Cratio CRM software is marketed as the ‘Complete Solution to Improve Your Marketing & Sales Performance’, and to be honest, it complies with what it is marketed as. This CRM for startups helps you automate drip marketing, email tracking, website tracking, automate workflow rules, manage leads and more. It also boasts itself with a mobile CRM app.

Using this CRM software you can capture your leads automatically from various sources and then assign, manage and track them. You can manage opportunities and sales pipelines with stages using the suite. It comes with a mobile CRM app to keep you connected all the time. You can customize forms, fields, and reports to suit your business.

Pricing Plans: Basic plan costs Rs 399/user/month and Enterprise plan costs Rs 499/user/month.


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    GOT customer relationship management (CRM) is well equipped with features like web based contact management software, artificial intelligence powered analytics, business accounting software/ business statistics software, email campaign software , social media integrations, marketing management software, workflow management software etc.
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    Advantages of GOT CRM comparing others – Easy customization, 360 degree customer view, Simplest to use, Economical, Trending communication and many more.

    Initial free trails in GOT CRM is completely free of cost and it’s open for customer friendly customization.

  2. Thankyou for creating this nice list of CRM software. We have tried most of them and then came to know about ConvergeHub. This offers a simple to use platform with Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Billing, and enterprise class Automation engine. We also found out that it is rated as one of the top 10 CRMs for 2021 by ZDNet.


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